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Tender is the Night, good wear and warm of sonia suede wedge snow boots


Season to wear snow boots Hello ~
Super I like to wear snow boots, snow boots but at hand seems to have too with cute haha
One wearing too casual, not with the gorgeous dress> <

I want this year, snow boots style sonia plush snow boots for a pair of suede, in full compliance with it!
This pair of black suede with warm plush plus point Kogan, it is suitable with the dress Hello
Today to introduce double sonia new snow boots


I like the first contact to the the sonia house shoes, I think the texture was quite good.
Shoebox Drawer pull together, it is suitable to be used to storage shoes yeah! !

Look at the introduction of these shoes


Why choose this pair of shoes, but also because tory burch outlet these shoes in the boots, I think my fat legs, quite a good degree of modification
And this length, plug trousers also very OK
After adding to ultracold Korea, I very much need a pair of good tory burch outlet walking and warm snow boots ah!
It is the wedge-soled design, wear is really QQ Bouncing, super good to go


Upon receipt, I fell in love with the warm touch good fur
Ha, it feels really soft, much like a blanket, like it
Entire pair of shoes are plush, very warm!


Really know with the touch, this hair is really great texture! !


5.5cm height, though not high, but like snow boots plus the increased pad
A wear just like flat-bottomed snow boots are not the same, the proportion of very good-looking.
This height is also very good to go, I should be able to wear it to take a couple of hours,

Directly to see through to take the shine chatter


Aimee's gray dress today took to do with this extra-thick, with this pair of warm snow boots are a good fit
I also equipped with a small leopard earmuffs, ha ha
This earmuffs is my super love for things

The overall very winter feel it to

This pair of snow boots version of the type is normal Oh, I wear a 37 just is not tight
So you can plug thick socks.
And its opening is actually quite wide, not very attached to my legs, looks pretty modified


Length of snow boots, just half of my leg, it would not seem to pull down the leg proportion, Kazakhstan
I quite like


Wearing, the entire plush coated with super ~ Shu ~ clothes!
5.5cm height, really, I wear them with flat shoes Meiliang Yang, ha ha
May be too often wears a height of 10 cm above the


Front looks, the whole feet slender, not like general tory burhc outlet flats snow boots wear like bread to Kazakhstan


Overall looks very rosy right to Kazakhstan


Other a more gorgeous dress, like a good fit Oh, Kazakhstan
Introduced here! ~

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