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2013 early spring hair trends dazzling new image

Lead: In the coming spring, we want to emit more stylish atmosphere. Each one early spring hairstyle can bring you an unexpected effect, every point of view it is so beautiful! Come to together with Xiaobian join early spring lineup! !


   I believe that a lot of girls will be fascinated by both with a gentle sense of, and quite a sense of design girls short hair. The side points hair Qinglong in the ear looks so elegant and beautiful, and I believe can make you become the focus in the crowd!


        Liu Qi, the impression is lovely, however, coupled with slightly curled hair hug more sense of style radians. With yellowish brown hair, doll-like beautiful!


  The carved curls hairstyle volume concentrated in the lower half of the hair reveals the mature beauty of women. Carved hair, however, highlights the ghd uk delicate contours of the face, bursting out of the aristocratic temperament as little princess.


   Aesthetic micro hair swaying with the breeze most romantic melodies, brown hair color to attract our attention, with gently inclined Liu Qi, so brilliant.


 This in the long curly hair curly hair more than the big wave of youth a sense, even more romantic temperament. The button inside perm been pure MM favorite entire hairstyle looks simple and vigor Oh ~ ~


        Fluffy is to create this hairstyle fashion focus! In the soft light under the gloss of the hair so that the hair of brown-yellow dyed hair looks more gorgeous! The fashion personality hair must be your choice!


   Oblique bangs long perm hairstyle very charming woman style, warm colors dyed hair leaving your doll cute, and seems more fair skin.


  Drawn to the last part of the hair flowing lines, crushing and neat bangs and forehead drawn to the hair against the background of the modification of a small facial contours. Within the volume of the tail so the hair look more dynamic, the entire hair and vivid spring should be beautiful and elegant, beautiful and enviable!


  The outside buckle curls like natural volume as lively ghd Styler and playful, the coupled boundaries are not clearly the side sub hairstyle, instant gentle and beautiful, perfect people.

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