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Michel Perry footwear Wizards understanding of the popular front

The JM Weston brand was founded in 1891 the French central city of Limoges (Limoges), the last century, 60 years, once soft leather loafers (Moccasin) swept France. In the 1980s, in turn barefoot dress with jeans wear Carrefour shoes (Loafers) the flag of France's cultural elite.
In 2001, the famous French footwear guru Michel Perry invited as JM Weston's artistic director, he used his characteristic style interesting re-interpretation the JM Weston brand of traditional and casual elegance. For him, timeless style and comfort, the two are not mutually exclusive. Himself precisely from the innovative design and styling, the accumulation of the shoe-making skills, have today's achievements.
Not long ago, this shoe guru first came to China, and is designed as a men's shoes designer visits, rather than on behalf of his personal brand. What attracted him? With him on this tour, Sina still products face-to-face, to explore as the world of men's shoes designer Michel Perry.
Sina is still product: Why did you choose at this time to visit China for the first time?
Michel Perry: China's increasingly important in the field of cultural and economic status as the world's  attention. Has long been this country, I was curious. The JMWeston the "masters of the night" dinner held in the Shanghai Consulate General of France within the sites, I witnessed China's desire. This time, in addition to Shanghai, I also do not have time to visit other Chinese cities. But the Shanghai Urban temperament specific old-fashioned elegance and mystery, as well as the stigma of the "gentleman", all I was impressed. Law consulates within the sites very special atmosphere. The trip is very pleasant, it not only nourished my imagination, it is bound to bring a bit of inspiration for my creations.
Sina is still product: What is the reason you choose to join the JM Weston brand, rather than opening up Michel Perry brand men?
Michel the Perry: JMWeston the spiritual connotation of both heritage and craftsmanship. Do the design for JMWeston not only full of creativity , and is a unique and interesting experience. The I JMWeston hand in the mean time, both of us are rich encounter. Favorable factors, I designed and established a very solid brand in the cornerstone of the historical heritage, the pursuit of creative excellence.
Sina is still product: You are known as the footwear industry chronicled the posh playground for the likes of Mick Jagger, designer JM Weston this century-old brand of men's shoes, how you balance the trendy creative and traditional brand?
Michel Perry: I trendy creative and brand traditions combine. I capture inspiration from history, and create works of contemporary tastes. I inject fresh air for the past style to rewrite the past, present contemporary models. Refresher, rock and roll culture, the same has not been previously submerged. I use the models and materials to do the "music", and Mick Jagger, with notes and lyrics.
Sina the Shangpin: JMWeston men's shoes and other brands of men's shoes than what distinguishes?
Michel Perry: from the the geographical boundaries point of view, the birthplace of JM Weston Paris is located in the diagonal central Italy and the United Kingdom. Style and spirit of JMWeston neither such as the Italian footwear so enchanting, not as British footwear is so conservative, but exudes a unique Paris charm.
Sina is still product: JM Weston Men Style always and traditional European culture has deep ties, to it how impressed Orient consumers?
Michel Perry: "trend" subject to geographical restrictions, but the "style" is a global concept. When I did writing it, I do not tangled on me in the end for Westerners creation, or for Asians.
Sina is still product: JM Weston men's shoes to provide customized services? Source of inspiration from the design of the new Series where?
Michel Perry: our custom service does not involve custom shoe last, but we do have a sophisticated shoes shoe size customization system, each half of the shoe size, there are seven kinds of shoes, wide choice, and therefore must be able to measure that best meet guests foot-shaped shoes. As for the style, we can according to the specific requirements of the guests, and the freedom to customize a variety of colors and materials, leather, embossed style and punch of color.
Sina still products: of JM Weston men's shoes series design inspiration comes from where?
Michel Perry: design inspiration from my cultural background, my hobbies, and the era itself .... . From the fusion of all these factors. My mind is always retained memories of childhood; outstanding filmmakers such as Cary Grand and Gary Cooper; I often think of some excited I have a dream figure, I admire their creations, such as Oscar Wilde, such as Cecil Beaton ... . . All these elements mixed with contemporary fragrance gives me inspiration.

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