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A Brief the footwear series of shoes produced classification


The shoes produced Category: injection and cold the sticky two major classes.

Injection that is machine do shoes uppers bar in aluminum last generally turntable machine injected directly into materials such as PVC, TPR, disposable formation soles, PU (chemical name polyurethane) injection (machines and molds with the average the injection).

Advantages: is the machine to do, the yield, so the price is cheap.

Disadvantages: If the style, change the mold more troublesome shoes stereotypes difficulties, not the cold sticky shoes exquisite, it is generally suitable for single orders soles style.

The cold stick is the general hand-made shoes, brand-name shoes in Italy, Spain fall into this category. Generally require cold sticky the pipelining processing (except for family workshops), the the cold sticky soles general by specialized responsible for playing soles plant provides, if they do not the soles mold that require additional mold, generally soles plant more than 10,000 pairs free mold . Practice uppers stereotypes plastic last good soles with glue stick together.

Advantages: fine workmanship make the shoes better.

Disadvantages: small daily output, higher prices, more generally suitable for medium-sized factory production to the formation of scale.

Difference between methods: The most obvious difference between the cold viscosity and injection shoes characterized soles of shoes followed by injection molding or edges have lines that left because the shoes out of the mold. The the the cold sticky soles piece is in the uppers and soles adhesive surface, it is not out.

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