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In addition to this area pictures marked "eleven paintings", the masters are original map. If the picture winning name "eleven paintings," then this piece is a copy of the studio or original works. Want to find more artists, may refer to the International Art Gallery website.

The studio welcomes any subject manuscripts, can be photos, drawings, and even you are in line to see a picture. Ensure that all oil paintings by artist 100% pure hand-painted, not by the computer inkjet, feel valuable.


Guests are welcome to provide pictures of the studio oil painting, including Comyn Christine oil paintings the playful fauna, warm family portrait, wedding, graduation photo and idols are equal, leaving a happy moment. Gifts Zifeng safe.

All of the studio painting 100% guarantee hand painting by artist, not by the computer inkjet, feel valuable.

Landscape / Flowers

Customers are free to provide artist painting landscapes, in addition to copying the Old Masters of scenery can work, but there are also many stores and flower painting in Venice painting for customers to purchase, welcome to the shop to visit.


Classical copying

The studio of the artist adept at copying classical paintings, such as Monet, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Renoir, Bouguereau and Miller and other famous artists of the works. Customers can provide their own artwork, the studio also has a lot of drawings for guests to choose from.

Original abstract works

Abstract art of creation, are all painters personal philosophy, the use of different patterns or materials, being a special screen and images. The paintings make people have unlimited imagination, generally placed as a decoration at home or in the company,

The paintings are abstract works indoors all original works, all designed and manufactured by the artist himself, unique style, comfortable and natural.


The painting interior existing animal paintings, portraits and decorative At Full Length paintints, including original abstract works, Venice and flower painting, in addition, also copy Van Gogh's paintings, for customers to buy.


In addition, the studio also welcome to order, size can be custom-made, there are a lot of frames to choose from.

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