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First experience painting ( Hanshin Arena Baden-Powell Hands Hall )

Before too young to do all the clay , the first experience of painting , it took five minutes election map , from the most basic started , I want to forgive yu choose slightly more difficult , the use of a 5 coupons, I realized that tickets only one-year period , had to buy 50 $ 15,000 ( delivery clay mix price $ 5000 ) , with an average $ 200 a ticket have the time of purchase did not speak clearly , actually asked me to make up the difference , but fortunately met the lady also good to see I got angry gas to , hit to the head of coordination , the results of the points that I have finished selecting the scene immediately , this is too unreasonable , anyway, will be used up , why must first decide , possibly each time you want to do not the same ( clay or painting ) , one must choose End to our hesitant personality, but also a waste of a bright room , and finally willing to let me be used up before the end of August ~

Xin look at me with the NPC and whispered in department stores , but also asked me: Why do you want the teacher so fierce ? ( Because the sales staff is very professional , just to sell , but do not know the rules , the original purchase , but also particularly questioning whether there deadline ? told me that did not , even after the discovery, but also informed me that we did not use at least half , it did not record it, told me that some Thomas Kinkade paintings here are doing record, but clay is not , What excuse do their own businesses are not uniform , do not blame me unlucky , too far , the next purchase tickets , be sure to read the notes, do not just listen to salespeople utter ~


Yu chose the many levels of landscape plan , then chose a lovely sister Winnie ~


First hit the ground, painting with watercolors difference is that oil use point , there will be three-dimensional vision, watercolor was painted directly , so the Thomas Kinkade Coastal Splendor paintings to be more patient and careful, Xin still a little accustomed to, always becomes coated ~




After each layer should be coated with a hair dryer to dry , so are kept blowing painted , painted a blow


Yu Yu nearing completion , is about to lose patience, do not step by step slowly dispensing ~






Because there is no siesta , also blown tired ~












Xin finally finished , I want some love Xin choose other colors , although the colors are not too full to fit , but generally pretty good, around the side of the majority , because it is moistened , so not easy to control , the more the larger picture , but still very cute, but also to write the date and signature of the oh ~






Yu Yu also completed the painting was also very good, although very tired, but also insisted to the last minute , great ~




Yu- yu was amazing , I will not fight it, immediately spell out humanoid ~