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Michelangelo sky paintings

7-1.jpgReturn to Perugia training, Li Na no longer rent the room to live, but to live in the top floor of the outer edge of a small city apartment residence is located on sloping hill , from the terrace overlooking the excellent vision , undulating mountains, red tile-roofed house homes , flame -shaped cypress trees, olive groves ...... scattered woven into delightful wilderness scenery . Apartment has a big balcony , whenever the sun, beautiful golden sunlight through the glass doors have a room full of diarrhea , that golden with orange, and I have been in common to the different sunset light , it seems that much more rich .

      Previously seen in the tourist books say Florence sunshine, that unique sense of light is to attract many painters and photographers factors , then do not understand , and now finally understood why.

      Italy is not the eternal clear blue sky without clouds, but the clouds that sometimes I ever quite common to different evening at sunset, clouds often produce strange an amazing picture, sometimes red and gold sunset inlaid stained light on the dark gray clouds , sometimes rendered in light and thin clouds chip , the effect is completely different , the screen changes and fast, but a little while , for painting several times already . Every time I see the sunset picture , I feel as if there was a mysterious invisible artist in constant creation. Finally one day at dusk, seeing Michelangelo sky, and the breathtaking style , like his work.

      The most memorable evening sky , it is the day I want to test grammar oral dusk , a time when the winter , more than four points already dusk. That day my interview time was five o'clock in the afternoon did not test, so stay home study . A rise out of the sky from east to west, a fiery red , like God with a large brush dipped in full the orange pigment , very generous cross Maguo sky , strokes simple but imposing, kind of like sky fire days , any connection with the previous seen in Taiwan typhoon day fire days are different, the typhoon day just a red fire days , but no stroke .

      Later plane back to Hong Kong to Singapore , but also the morning , but suddenly felt the color of the sky "short " a lot, not a deep azure blue , but blue, red sun is not enough rich . Why ? I looked out the window plane , suddenly understood , yeah ! Far East of the sun and the Mediterranean sun is not the same , what seems to have faded tan , so the color is more like watercolor , rather than painting it.

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