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Magic on metal machinery ... Grijal (Grizhal) Artist Olga Zavialova


Olga Zavialova was born in Tashkent. She graduated with honors from the State Technical University, "Design". In consequence of that was born a new technique of painting and drawing on metal - "Grijal" ("Grizhal"). Technology and the name of the patented and have a copyright certificate. Made its color lakes allow you to keep metal luster and light show through color, light and flicker inside. Olga is interested in the history of philosophy of Egypt and Greece. Long past century and the modern era are combined in subjects of her paintings. Many of her works she accompanies verses that are a continuation of her paintings. Olga member of the Union of artists and designers of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. Her works are in private collections in Germany (in particular, in the Museum of the City of Frankfurt am Main), United States, Thailand, Latvia, the Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Russia.


invented still life

Echo came to need the presence of the one who creates - the creator and the objects of reflection - body breath waiting for the creator.



Fly away - hitting,
Returned - reflected,
Crumbled - breeding,
Spheres of life plunging.
In these actions fireworks
I learned the essence of the lesson.
We only echo that is carried,
escaped from the breath of God.


Every morning I see the sky,
Every morning with the smell of bread,
Rustling leaves the beam on the cheek,
Small cross in his hand clamped. You're the first breath of Arise and pray,
New morning - a new life.


new morning






forgotten breakfast



What is the fate of asking
Wealth, fame, knowledge ...
Think about what you
Wish Flower?


flower desires



How do bt if you are weak in spirit?
If you do not like by itself.
Followed by a moment beyond the stars ...
Here you do not have a prisoner, not a slave.
Someone can fly in ecstasy,
Luring all in the sky up,
Someone is trying to be afraid of freedom
And as a prisoner sitting in prison.
And in the window flashed archangel
Suddenly show that the path is not dangerous.
Suppose that in the fall, he was not perfect,
Fallen angel - he is still an angel.



The sound of rain and wind blow,
I looked art revelations
And he began to lighten the world, and the night even whiter
And broke the chord from the windows of the Hermitage.






I went to St. Petersburg on Sunday spring
And that Easter ringing promised Ascension.
Here, I will light a candle of hope, as the giving
All debts will pay depth of Penance
Xenia merciful face comforting forgiveness
And Mary cover expires healing.




- And I'm begging you for mercy,
Grant me the grace-love,
To fill them all with her ​​to satiety
And could get back to me.
- And I'm asking you for the suffering,
Give me a ray of hope illuminating,
To give the Board of thirsty
Flight inspires dreams
And they went fine,
When looking for gifts to those applications
Carrying with him squandering,
Not knowing what it is to no avail.
Vrachuya Vera force Bozheyu
Suddenly met impatience
In tattered rags and persecution
Rumor crowd was nezlozhena.


Love with longing and compassion
Fled from insults scoffers
Not quite feeling the sinner
After all, envy - the power of flagellation.
And waved from Hope,
Living problems without joy
So they dobredut to old age
And after her only frown.


At the stone together again without a murmur
And want to merge into the whole.
Let their request was not brave,
Gave them the power - the power of experience.

And ... the old man suddenly appeared like a dream,
Beautiful face and white robes,
Born of love and hope
And he called Wisdom.


Wake knight


Women's thoughts


Music: Sting - La belle dame sans regrets (-)

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