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Day Three - Golden Hive. Big disgrace small pope



Fortunately, most of the passengers had already had in the first village, and Mom decided to look up from her purse. Children turned away from each other, sitting on a seat. To drive away the heavy foreboding, Mom switched to pass by outside the window flora. Call yesterday to Komsomolsk-on-Amur Mom and could not - even for a fixed given until the next morning. A typical long-distance call seemed to her the sweetest trill. Oh sister - it needs to know how to tame this creature. But Marik with a desperate cry of "Mommy, this is my mom !!!" rushed to the phone and crashing with a running start in the locker, broke into the joys of the unit. Perhaps a good thing that broke - that he yelled in a ragged tube could ever quarrel with her ??sister: "Mom! Take me home now, I'm in the way it here! She hates me! Upekaet to camp! Because husband trip! Mommy! forbade her to send me to the camp, I set fire to it, like a barn aunt Tony! "Although Mom and saw wires hanging out, she broke down, snatched up the phone and called guiltily confusion:

"Hello?" ... "Well, - sighed resignedly Mom - do not want to camp - it is not necessary." But here tantrum arranged Son. Marik with glared at him, and Mom had already decided that a fight is cost. Suddenly, in the face of that Marika - a twinge, he patted on the shoulder of the Son. "Do not cry, baby - he squeaked. - Well, since you're so much like in the damn camp, let's go, what to do." "Clever Marik!" - My mother was delighted. Marik turned around; face changed, mad eyes stared up Mom: "And you shall understand we have."


From that moment, he stopped to talk to Mom. He wandered around the apartment, and, under the enthusiastic eye of the Son, singing bawdy songs of times my mother's childhood. And he continued to sing them at the bus station. Upon entering the bus, he prosemenil between rows stretching compassionately:
Citizens ......, buy cigarettes,
Come on, the infantry and sailors ...
Abandoned in panama coppers, apple, two chocolates and egg he handed Mom, explaining the bus:
- This is it for breakfast.
Some unflattering remarks as the first heavy drops of rain plopped on Mom. Dad went to a new journey down the aisle. Now, changing the genre, he howled popular song of the foreign film:
I began to live in the slums of the city,
And the good things I have not heard,
When you caressed their children,
I have asked, I was freezing ...
Slim clean a child's voice, thin neck. Pope has admitted in a voice a tear in the tradition of "cruel romance". Not covered by the old woman brought Cinema Area handkerchief to her eyes. Dad stopped in front of her:
But when he saw me, do not hide glance
After all, I did what or what not to blame!
The old lady pulled the Pope to himself and silently handed him a fist treshku, whispering:
- She did not come on. Themselves what - something happy. Dad mixed:
- No, it is not necessary.
- Take it, take it. I have a pension soon.
- No, - the Pope said, resting his eyes in the darned stockings. All presented itself in another svete.- Anyway she did every day obyskivaet.- Dad threw a crumpled three-ruble note on a faded skirt and ran to his place.

"It's good that children are so different from each other, even cousins??" - Mom thought, looking at the open smile Son. Son was perfectly happy. A few minutes later to begin a adult life in this camp, where counselors will, horn, bonfires, pioneers, river and caps with tassels! The bus pulled up.
- "Golden Hive!" - Happily resigned Son large letters on vorotah.- Hooray! Dad winced and hissed;
- Looks like we all have a honeymoon.
Mom did not dare to leave without telling the camp commander about Marika. Son and Dad looked around in silence - a fascination, another hunted. From tackle to black "Volga" and got the boy, accompanied by his father, walked to the administrative building. "The same age as my boy," - said the Pope as an afterthought, but then he woke up.
Boy with his father approached, and their conversation could be heard more clearly:
- Then - twenty years ago - the only camp opened. We combine it all on Sundays built. Thy elder brother was the same as you now, no, a little more ... And on the very first shift he was elected prefect. And Constantine led a detachment so well that even though they were the youngest, took first place, and he returned home with a certificate of honor.
- C is the same as yesterday he signed?
- Yes, almost. So you have someone take an example.
- Yes ... I asked him yesterday to write one for me to show at school, and he said, "must be earned!"
- Rightly said. Kostya himself all his letters received honestly.
- I, too, will choose the warden and give a certificate.
- Well, let's see ... By the way, Kostya never boasted. Well, I'll go look in to the local chief.
Left alone, the boy quickly orient. He went to the Son, and assertively stated:
- You, too, will be in the junior squad. Mind you, I am the elder. Will you vote for me.
- Why should he vote for you? - Outraged Dad. This kid was trying to dispose of his son as his own.
- Because I'm the first to say. And who was the first, he is in charge.
By this logic, the Pope was not used. But the presence of the Son of noblesse oblige, he decided to impose its own rules of the game:


- And if you are sufficiently prepared for such a position?
The boy stood up, turned serious and looking to the Pope from the top down, snapped:
- I have a one-year work experience elder in his first "B" class. So the experience of the masses possess. With the life of the pioneer camp sign for a similar child care institutions, sanatoriums, which twice visited before school age.
Dad was taken aback and have somehow childish blurted out:
- Are you sick?
Son chuckled. "What if this guy was also an adult?" - Flashed through my father's head, and he started up a trial balloon:
- Then you need the conclusion of the medical commission that you are admitted to the duties of mayor.
- Sam you're sick! Sanatorium there is a hundred times better than this camp. He is there in the form of a ship on the sea shore. We have troops there, and the crews were. And it is not the room, and Kubrick. And the pool, and ... well, it does not matter. I'm learning just as "good" and "excellent." Disciplined performers.
- And your candidacy agreed with the head of the camp? We will not vote for a man whose candidacy is inconsistent. The boy thought for a moment and resolutely stepped into office of the chief. Dad sighed - the child was still present. A minute from the case went all four - Mom, head of the camp, the boy and his father. Last seemed somewhat confused:
- Why are you so Pavlik? So, you know, is not accepted. Kostya imagine this would never allow. - ... So here it strange jokes - confusedly CONTRACTING Mom to the camp. But note that has been absorbed by new visitors.
Hesitating, Mom kissed the kids and left. Dad pressed against the bars of gates and suddenly, hands outstretched, yelled:
- Come back here!
Mom ran up to him and rattled:
- Oh, how could I have forgotten! Of course, Marik, clever, remembered. - She handed the Pope a large bag of candy.
- Wow kulechek - glad running up the Son.
But Dad threw candy on the ground and shouted:
- Hi Brykina! - Escaped.
- Guys! - Resounded over the camp. - The administration, teaching staff and wait staff "Golden Hive" congratulate you on the beginning of the first shift. After five minutes on the court held the opening line on the opening of camp. Now listen and remember the horn signals, by which you will live all the time - waking up, making the bed, wash, based on charge, based on the line, built in the dining room ...
- And dead quiet hour will be framed by the beautiful sounds of the horn, as the camp fence. Oh, great Pavlovsky Up! - Dad handed.


Too bad the Pope was not yet never in my life. Remains of courage, humor, self-esteem left him, the inner core melted. En last phrase - tortured, it is unclear to whom addressed - had exhausted him. And as someone said he did? Adult would be silent, the child - not thought of. "All hell! Exit polozheniya- in the position!" - Dad decided to submit to her fate. In the end, like all the same to him as a child. In general, forest, river, three meals a day - what more is necessary. Yes, and under the supervision of the Son. Really hurt was just to think about his wife, and he forbade himself to think about it. It did not work. Dad is obsessed with the question, should and if he wants to ten years to marry Mom.
Announced the construction of the ruler.
The camp commander said the regime, discipline and strength of like-minded team. Older pioneer leader spoke about the history of the "Golden Hive" on the regime and discipline in it. Then he made ??the caretaker. On mode and discipline he spoke briefly. For a long time, he said that it is necessary to protect equipment. Son wanted to ask the Pope Is this equipment, which came first at the races in Pyatigorsk. But not affected by acceleration Pope appeared at the end of the line. Son sighed. If so Dad decided to turn into a boy, verily could have a little older and bigger. Doctor spoke about the regime, discipline and health of children and adolescents. The head of the dining room is also saying something, but the Son was nothing memorable, because of the boy, "Volga" began to whisper to scold those who stood unevenly. "You're on the Pioneer line!" - He said, and tried very hard to be the Son of good.

Counselor Kohl blond student struck all but the Pope, the message that he is here on supervised practice, and that they have to help him get five and a stipend.

- Dad - Son surprised - it's just that adults are well-behaved and learned, they get paid?
- Pay - nodded Papa.- only strange why Mom did not explain the boy that he did not get a scholarship.
- Guys! - Blithely continued vozhatyy.- Now we will choose the asset group. The camp commander told me that we have in the squad is Pavlik Petrenko, the younger brother of Konstantin Petrenko. I myself have just learned, Konstantin Petrenko was the first warden junior squad in the very first shift. Therefore, I propose to elect elder Pavlik. Who "for" raise your hands.
All except the Pope, raised their hands. Son looked at him with displeasure.
- All the counselor to gather in the red corner on the planning meeting! - Suddenly sounded on the camp radio.
- Well, - said weightily Warden, when the door Bones zahlopnulas.- now responsible for the proper conduct of the meeting is on me. Therefore I propose to conduct the meeting, elect prezidium.- a long time he looked in disbelief at the boys, then stared at his son. - You ... I now give you my word, and you are invited to elect a Bureau in the amount of two people: Petrenko, which means I, - Chairman and ... How's your name? -povernulsya It to the smallest quiet devochke.- Ivanova Transdanubia - Secretary. Remember?
Son began hastily to repeat.
- Wait - cut Starosta.-I have not given you my word.
When he gave the Son spoke all loudly and with expression.
- Other proposals have - not, then ... But then butted Dad:
- Yes, we have another suggestion! I suggest - Dad, choking with delight, counted the entire squad - to elect a presidium of 26 people, including 25 people co-chairs, Petrenko - secretary.
- In the glasses, and a fool - said the headman. All together zasmeyalis.- Who for the first sentence, please raise your hands. Who is against? One. Opposes itself to the collective, individualist ?! We will take action. Abstaining?
Son raised his hand again. Prior to that, he had voted "yes", but now he felt uncomfortable in front of the Pope.
- How did you abstain? - Shouted Starosta.- Want and yours and ours? It will not work! Once he suggested, the "yes" votes. With all the votes to have all seen!
Evil son looked at Dad, stepped forward and raised his hand.


- Featured friends ask to be seated at the podium - announced Starosta.- Ivanova Transdanubia, come here and write a report. Today's agenda: the first - the assertion that I had proposed the name of the group. I propose to call the detachment ...- he thought for a moment.
- Name Konstantin Petrenko! - Enthusiastically piped Ivanova Transdanubia. Warden looked at her:
- A good suggestion, but it might be misconstrued. Better our party will fight for the right to wear the name of my brother. In the meantime, take the name of the "activist". The second item - a program of activities detachment "activist" in fulfilling our camp administration tasks. Third - counter offers detachment "activist." This is called a bottom-up approach - explained Warden.
"And where only he knows all this?" - Dad was horrified.
- Fourth - continued Warden - labor landing. This is the first work in all of our troops will be devoted to changing the angle of the individual equipment-office to guide the group.
- A separate bed for the management unit is not pleasing to you? - Cried the Pope.
- You're not asked to speak, - frightened tugged at his sleeve Son.
- Point five - spitting, said Starosta.- fight against individualism. Listening to the personal affairs of this with a broken face and glasses.
- Item sixth - Dad grinned as if in klasse.- Organization Detachment "activist" group nobody obeying freestyle Indian Apache tribe !!!
- Wow! - Glad Syn.- This is really cool!
All the boys shouted "Hurrah!" and surrounded the Pope.
- Item seventh - evil shouted Starosta.- Catching Apaches and their transfer to the camp members volunteer militia detachment.
Here all were divided into Apaches and vigilantes. And Dad climbed on the bedside table and let out a battle cry of the Indians. Everyone wanted to learn how to scream as well. Dad yelled again, louder, and everyone started screaming, and a terrible noise, and everything was great fun. Son surprised as he did not understand before, what his cool Dad! Dad, never rushing to power, was in ecstasy. Under it swayed the sea of enthusiastic, loyal eyes. Adoration of the crowd inspires.

Warden shouted something and waving his arms, but no one heard. All were silent, only when the Pope raised his hand and said:
- Sha! Eighth and final point! Joint Test Warden Indians and warriors by the method of the Apaches - tying a candidate for the position of leadership to the post and throwing tomahawks over his head Daddy uncertain about your right to decide the destinies.
So Dad became Leader.
- In the dining room! In mugs! - He commanded, and dragged all stubborn old age. Place on the margins of the dining room was the Indian. Dense forest high - higher than the longest of the Apaches - mugs extended to the fence. Only one well-trodden path that ran from the rear entrance to the dining room to a hole in the fence, said the presence of the whites.
On the way, used to call the Chief Warden usurper and called conscious warriors to rally around the legitimate leadership and resist the intrigues of militant individualism and terrorism. But by this time all the terrorists have become Apaches, and only Ivanova Transdanubia whimpered and requested to let old age, saying that he pain above will not.
Elder tied to a pole, but this pale continued to perform, and the Apaches inserted into his mouth gag. The leader of the prisoner hung on the chest plate, "Separate the post-office. Reception on personal matters on Tuesdays from 16 to 18." Ivanova Transdanubia asked Leader whether it should as a secretary to write the test report Warden?
- Drove the Flies - The leader hissed. Arms crossed, he stood at the post-office and looked over their heads.
Ivanova Transdanubia tore burdock, and Apaches, performing a ritual dance around the pole Indians, went to do a tomahawk.
Make this a special test tomahawk had a very long, because the Pope began to slowly return common sense. Looking at children's thirst for blood test persons, the Pope was afraid. Switch enthusiasm squad on something else was impossible. It remained only to wear down their obsession somehow tedious task. Now the Pope alone knew that children play seriously.
Leader, with a sigh, announced that by making test tomahawk, Apaches can not use any tool other than stones. After lunch appointed Chief Son spy and ordered to carry paleface their portions. This son was very happy - to tinker with the tomahawk he is tired.
Moccasins Son quietly stepped on the grass. Came the sound of the horn - a fort built by the soldiers afternoon verification. Enhanced mouthpiece, hoarse from the fire water, the voice of Colonel came to sensitive ears scout. Walked for the second year as a noble tribe of Apaches stepped on the warpath, and the Son of the Great Leader, of course, learned to understand the language of the whites. "The Dead Hour" - said the Colonel, and the young soldier realized that today be a hassle, but a real fight. Many lodges will yell women, and the bell of the fort reminds the tribe of new scalp.
Scout was approaching paleface prisoners in the pillory-office when on the warpath suddenly went out and stepping heavily, like a herd of buffalo, moved to the hole in the fence two more huge white man. Son of the Great Leader hiding in the pampas. On white camouflage son of the Great Leader realized that it was the regimental intelligence.
- Dasha - first scout put it on the ground two huge koshelki.- Glya, Th is he here?
- Che are you here? - The second scout put the same wallets on the ground and pulled out of his mouth prisoner gag. Prisoner secretary managed to hide in the mugs.
Warden licked his lips, cleared his throat and said sternly:
- All the guilty will be punished! No one is allowed to violate the laws of our camp! This is a crime! I will report to the chief of all the camp!
- Duska! - The second scout stuck gag on former mesto.- go. The kid who would believe him. Made, and there let him.
And blednolitsye scouts picked wallets, barely squeezed into the hole and disappeared. From mugs peered captive secretary. Son of the Great Leader with the battle cry arose in the post-office. Chalk face became even paler.
- Guzzle! - Generously said on.- Tomahawk soon will.
Son of the Great Leader was cunning as snakes. Pretending that he was leaving, he hid in the mugs. Prisoner secretary deployed bag and pulled out a gag. Prisoner-warden immediately shouted:
- You fool, why had not pulled! What a lack of initiative!
- Nobody said ...
- Element lacking in consciousness! Will eat later! I do not have to untie. Let the head of the camp itself to check the accuracy of the facts hereinafter set forth. Take a pencil and starts to perform his clerical duties. Dictate, "the chief of the camp," Golden Hive "Comrade. Petrishcheva VG with age squad of younger schoolboys" activist "Petrenko PA memo. Uvtovnachlag!"
- This encryption? - Fearfully asked Ivanov Transdanubia.
- Do not get stuck when the management of the camp is in correspondence. He continued: "I draw your attention to the fact that in the assigned me as a result of the machinations of the detachment unstable elements were a number of serious violations of the rule of law. Anarcho-individualistic group calling itself the" Apache ", flatly refused to obey legitimately elected by the management companies, and in the worst traditions of the boy scout movement tied me to a post and covered her mouth to me in the literal sense of the word, for fear my influence on the broad masses of the order. heroically stand I fell to my share of trials, but my situation is horrible. hooligan elements prepared me public execution by throwing a tomahawk, which may adversely affect power entrusted to you by the camp. There is reason to believe that everything that happens - the result of a premeditated and carefully planned campaign, which aims to seize power in our camp. Please take measures to curb criminal activities, the so-called "Apache", and release me from prison, which I may have been a result of manifest my integrity ... "
- Sha! - Said the Son just as the Great Leader, appearing before post. - At this time, I have not cut off your tongue - let your fate decides Scientific Council of Elders, but the vultures are already circling over your head! - Son of the Great Leader has performed several ritual gestures, stuck a gag in place, snatched the prisoner secretary document and disappeared in the pampas.
In the harsh silence listening to the treacherous Apaches note.
- Boycott! - Someone shouted.
- The dark!
- Face stuff! In the light.
- Enough to paint tomahawk - said the biggest Apache Tolik.- Come! I certainly not get past the forehead.
Dad went cold.
- I'll get right in the nose!
- And I'm in the icon and in the eye!
- No, no, you are! That's not right - Dad fussing. He tugged at the collar of his wacky sailor. Cracked, glasses hanging on the tip of the nose.
- Does not occur, the leader - said Tolia, weighing tomahawk in ruke.- And then you will experience now!
Dad chickened out. But not for long.
- You're not the apache and apache, Toljan! 'Said the Pope to say anything.
- Not Apache and tutu - supported the Pope's son, angered insubordination Leader.
- What have you got in your hand? - Strictly asked Dad and jabbed a finger at Tolyan stomach.
- Tomahawk, he told ...
- This Apache knows the difference between a tomahawk and just stick with the stone. Thus, the Apaches?
Tribe unison shouted the battle cry.
- Sha! The chief said imperiously. All smolkli.- Stick with stone only becomes a tomahawk, when it was smoked out of this peace pipe. Such tubes on the ground a total of six. We were lucky! One of them is with us. In Zanzibarovke. She got there during the invasion of Genghis Khan.
- This Grandmother Poltoratsk? - Someone asked.
- She - confirmed Papa.- And how do you know her?
- Who does not know it, - said soothingly Shreds and handed tomahawk Pape.- Only strange grandmother - all cures, and who takes the money and who does not.
- Well, then, the Apaches - ordered Papa.- I take a tomahawk, and with scout secret paths to sneak into Zanzibarovku. You do ye loose him prisoner until our return pretend it again your elder.
In the ranks of the Apaches murmur rose:
- Just so untie not interested!
- Yeah, it otvyazhesh and he nayabednichali.
- Let us until we practice neobkurennym tomahawk ...
- That's right! - Glad Toljan and began to pluck the Pope tomagavk.- I now his eye zafindelyu!
Dad fought desperately, but it was obvious that the forces evenly.
- Invented !!! - Dad yelled. Cry has gone - and he was triumphant and promising. Toljan pried paltsy.- Tomahawk one but we are many, - announced Papa.- We train green apricots.
Several Apaches instantly soared to an apricot tree.
Troop Apaches came waddle pillory-office. Dad was worried and fidgety.
- Well, then - he squeaked, - according to the rules it is necessary to throw the test with no less than twenty big steps and turns!
Toljan he measured twenty paces, and training began. From this distance to get to old age few people could. Dad took a deep breath. Now I had to wait until they get tired of throwing apricots, decouple age and flushed away.
Meanwhile, another woman in a white coat came to the route "service entrance - a hole in the fence." For a few seconds she looked stunned at what is happening, then dropped to the ground heavy bag and rushed into the thick of things:
- You is, well, bullies! Well this is who you taught this ?! Right now I'll tear off all ears! Snotty punks! ..
Although the sudden appearance of completely cook. did not meet the Papineau plans, he felt a slight annoyance - forever in all these adults intervene, noisy, rude ... do children of statutory object for rudeness!
- Well shoo away! -Women Turned crimson with righteous gneva.- Poor wee! - Cook pulled klyap.- This is who you w ...
- That's all it !!! - Yelled Starosta.- Yonder! Bald! No, do not untie me! Call the camp director! Call him! Let see!
Cook rushed to the Holy See:
- Oh, you snot criminal! Dad suddenly acutely conscious of their vulnerability protruding ears.
- But, but! - He said.
Cook was approaching. Dad backed:
- You are very ugolovnitsa! - He squeaked.
- Call the camp director! - Warden screamed.
- Call, call the camp director! - Hissed menacingly and Dad broke cheep: - Thief! Ugolovnitsa! Children robbed! - He ran to the bag, pulled out of her big piece of meat and triumphantly raised it above his head Aha! That's why we ate lunch not! Well, Apache, we will invite the chief or her own will be judged?
- Do not need to call the chief - said the son - and a policeman! Then it was put in prison, and we would be given a medal for the capture of the thief.
- That's right! - Someone shouted to.- Then about us and write in the newspaper!
- And on a TV show! Hooray!
- Baby, cute, that you ?! - Pale Cook backed nazad.- What am I a thief? I did it ... Is Well I for myself ... Well I have three children ...
- And what are we, not the children? - Dad asked bitterly.
- Little children, you w timurovtsi - babbled Povariha.- Here very little ... I'm not myself! - Suddenly vosprjala ona.- Well I am the dog. There's a dog sick. Nothing but does not eat meat, and in the store is not. So I regretted it. I know, you're good kids. But if you do not mind the dog, I'm that, I'll take it back.
- What are you, aunt! 'said Ivanov Transdanubia and blushed If the dog, of course, wear. I do not mind my portion.
- And I do not mind!
- And me!
- Bring the dog! We will not tell anyone!
- Girls! Let's for dinner meat collect and deliver aunt for dogs! And the boys, too, if they want to.
- Yes, who you listen to! -zaoral Papa.- She's lying!
- Very, very sick dog! - Cook meat snatched the Pope and hurriedly lifted the bag .- her car moved just two lapki.- Cook rushed to the hole in the fence.
- And you feel sorry for the dog, right? Miser - trod on Pope Toljan.
- Do not feel sorry for me! - Outraged Papa.- Just Apaches do not concede without a fight flesh pale-faced dogs.
- Call the Chief! - Do not let old age.
- In short, - said sternly Papa.- were untying it, and we went to scout obkurivat tomahawk.
The leader has issued a battle cry, and they rushed on the warpath to the hole in the fence. Dad cut a hole for the op and looked keenly. After a second tomahawk flew into mugs. Served as "ax-handle" tomahawk stone fell from the soul. But not for long. Son, as a hunting dog, rushed into the thicket, and lifted over the head tomahawk idiot shouted.
Dad sat down under a tree, relaxed, and immediately felt the familiar squeezed whiskey. It seems from the adult life he was left alone hypertension. In addition, throat ached: Let's know about yourself in ten years removed tonsils. Fate played not only cruel, but also incorrect joke. Pressure to bring down was nothing, but for some reason he fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a short drilled metal ruble vysporennuyu camp dog medal and disfigured traveling certificate.


Dear served as an abandoned track. It was getting dark. Son whimpered. Pope was sorry that made ??him throw a tomahawk. Would say that the Apaches did not whimper on the warpath, and he would shut up.
- Pope - said Syn.- When we dine?
"Dad, Dad, Dad! .." - Sounded in my head aching with different accents - from the boundless faith to outright ridicule. Dad looked at his son. Boy sadly raked sandals
dust. He continued to rely on the Pope, like all normal children rely on their fathers. Pompons on socks nasty hit in the legs, and Dad pulled them. Fatigue was hit used to save (or alongside) his children's cheerfulness. Now the Pope himself seemed even older lived
forty years. Son suddenly sat down on the curb. His lips curve.
- New game! - Grinning and bouncing, the Pope declared. - Trip! In Zanzibarovku! - And waved under the nose of the Son of travel vouchers.
Son looked at him sadly. Dad stopped jumping. At that moment he realized, and he repented of all Santa Clauses, counselors and Entertainer.


- No! - Suddenly yelled Syn.- Expedition! In Zanzibar! Hooray! Yes? Yes, Dad? Really?
Son already galloping skipping along the side and sprinkled with silly questions:
- A parrot is there? And cannibals?
- Parrots there Prorva. In the office of the chief cannibal - tens. Hobby, you know? Give him all the parrots that are not eaten.
- And you'll show them to me? They speak? Tell me about your institution, this is where we go on a business trip. Have you been promised.
- Well, it will not be interesting to you.
- Well, once before, now is not interesting ... And you tell me, that's interesting. When there was a large, all the while boasting that you have an interesting job, but now is not interesting!
- Do not moan! What do you want to tell? Well, at least why was created Zanzibarovsky branch of our Institute. Similarly, this is true, no one knows, comes a legend.
- What is a legend? And the branch?
- Legend - a tale that adults invented for themselves
Dad picked his nose thoughtfully adapting folklore institute for primary school age.
- Ten years ago, there lived in our city has been successful scientist Peter Petrin.
- That I still did not exist. And how many years was it Pete?
- He was an adult. Do not interrupt! So - the night before a thesis Pete Petrin had a prophetic dream. Given to him by a classmate of the Silent-sailor-parrot spoke.
- I would like a parrot! And from whom was the defense? Dad, when you grow up, buy me a parrot, okay?
- If you have ever perebesh, I will not tell. All questions at the end. Got it? So, in a dream parrot taught Petya how to behave on defense, and even told me what questions will be asked. Inspired by Peter poured things bird double portion of food and tried to figure out what it is best to do ... in the sense of science ... "It does not matter - said popugay.- Anyway you will soon appoint a director Zanzibarovskoy recreation."
On the protection of members of the Academic Council, like parrots, repeating parrot questions. Peter defended unanimously and, after returning home, he rushed to the cage with a double portion of food in a trembling sweaty palms.
- I do not understand something about Zanzibarovki - timidly he began.
Parrot stopped pecking displeasure looked at Petya, they say, that you, fool, is still unclear, opened his beak and barked:
- Zanzibar!
A dream come true and here - really talking parrot. Since then, Peter fell asleep, woke up, washed, ate and read the newspapers under oravsheesya with a southern accent impossible word "Zanzibar". Other words parrot and not learned. Saved him from this horror Stay in Zanzibarovku. Director
base of rest '"scored a goat" ... with vacationers.
- Oh! So you'll be in my place! - He shouted happily, put poholodevshemu Pete knuckles and somewhere to escape.
In the production characteristic of Peter Albrehtovicha Petrina said: "The initiative scientist, able to find creative solutions." And since this feature Peter himself wrote, then,
as you know, does not justify it, he does not mog.Esli not Petrin, this is the grandmother Poltoratskaya about which
Toljan said, would have remained near the famous. From the fear of being the director of recreation at Petrina aggravated sciatica. Petrin was twisted to his grandmother and asked to heal him in the name of science, and if possible to predict the future.
Grandma was risible, snub-nosed and brazen.
- And why the institute such superstitious? - Laughed ona.- Let me pour the same time and fright.
And poured. Peter Albrehtovich straightened his shoulders and realized that it is now easy to go even in the superintendent.
- And I Need your help, - said goodbye babka.- in me thy salvation. Idi.Petrin was thought. Inspiration came to him halfway to the recreation center. He stood on the dusty street; brehat dog smelled manure, Petrin looked at stars and saw the village as recreation turns into separated from the mother branch of the Institute for the Study of miraculous powers grandmother Poltoratsk in particular and traditional medicine in general ... Do you understand?
- Yes.
- Are there any questions?
- I had a lot of questions, but I've already forgotten. There are only two. Why goat scored head of the base, not the chef, and why he gave Pete knuckles only, not meat? And the other-there that dogs and talking like a parrot? They always breshut and parrots are telling the truth, or what?
Interpretations and comments on my father's history lasted until dark, who appeared together with lights Zanzibarovki.


- Moscow time twenty-two hours, - let slip the radio from the open window next to the forest home. Pope suddenly wanted to climb over the fence. Son enthusiastically got behind him. They crept up to the house and hid in the bushes.
- Dad, can I ZAOr in Indian? - Whispered son.
- What are you! We're no longer the Apaches, and the white missionaries, true gentlemen.
In the strip of light from the door opened and a women's figure and, clutching a bottle slipped just before Dad's nose. As soon as she appeared on the porch, a wave of enthusiasm caught the Pope: he had seen as a terrible cry of the Apaches off on the path in front of her aunt.
Frightened yelp, bottle beats ... buzz ... even Dad grunted with pleasure, and only the presence of the Son, at the last second stopped him. Dad wiped his sweaty palms on the shorts. Again claws to instill in him a little monster, and again after that horror and despair. With whom did he become? Who was? Who is he? What to do? When sober look out was one - to go to surrender to the district hospital and let sent to a psychiatric hospital. But this sober view of the Pope did not like. "To hell with sobriety! Better get drunk, do not scare had aunt and select a bottle. Bootleggers quite insolent! Who grain feeding pigs, who drives from his home brew. Soon honest workers not to buy bread. Drunk to hell On the ruble is not a lot of pour. C'mon, this punk like me, many do not. I have to say - dad sent. and if you notice that the ruble is drilled, prigrozhu police or smash the machine. moonshine and this fire! "
The door was not locked. Samogonschitsa cozy sitting watching TV and dovyazyvala sock. The walls were hung with bunches of herbs.

- The grass season with moonshine? - In my own way the Pope said, searching glance machine and a string of full bottles.
Grandma smiled shyly
Dad came up and knocked firmly on the table ruble:
- A mildew-ka you our grandmother for a ruble! - The phrase seemed quite solid and the Pope at the same time dostupnoy.- And then we've been waiting for dad.
Grandmother protested:
- Let him myself ide!
- You do not zli folder, it does not like to wait - busily said Syn.- splatter quickly on this very ... well, what you said, but then I have time to sleep.
- No! - Grandmother shook her head and stared at the TV.
- Do not "no", and "Jess"! - Said firmly Papa.- Goni chekushku! And dad, if you do not bring, you know, what we do?
- Why are wines did not ide? Why are ditev to send?
- Vin vzhe to snipe! - Explained Papa.- not bring - will beat.
- No! -otrezala Babka.- dityam nemozhno!
- And that adults can, what ?! - Sincerely troubled Papa.- all impossible!
- Usem - agreed grandmother and again turned to the TV. Pope stood before the screen:
- Well, that's that, - said angrily on.- Act One for all. Sales of moonshine is illegal at all. And once you got up this slippery slope - or all or none! What can not be - can not be all! And it hurts the children we love ban and allow yourself ... In short, drive chekushku, or I'll give here a policeman, chairman of the village council and members of the public! ..



The first and second day of the outrages - Here
by Sally Swatland paintings


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