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Aram Nersisyan /// Hurry love.


Take the time to love, time to stock up for the future can not be,

Take the time to take care of each other, because the loss is not returned,

Do not be lazy to say about love, after all, and so may well be

That when - that will continue to be this way.


Do not rush to venit, do not rush to offend rebuke,

Those words are heavy, would not have to ask for them back,

And any error, then turn into a lesson

It is better to get the time to good to say something.


Do not forget that life is short, and minutes - priceless

What in the hourglass runs golden sand,

Do not forget that even idols leave the stage,

And the family, and loved ones, and you want to assign the term.


There are "now." Look into my eyes and pierce the soul

If the heart is concerned about grief - give way to tears,

Learn to forgive, understand and listen carefully

Take the time to love, to ever be late.

@ Marina Smirnova









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