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Master inlay Kalman Radvanyi: Gothic cathedrals of wood and precious stones


Inlaid wood and veneer from Kalman Radvanyi



Imagine a wooden church is much easier than a Gothic cathedral, but the contemporary Hungarian master inlay Kalman Radvanyi chose this material for its unusual works. On its wooden products - lancet arches and traditional multicolored stained glass, lined with innumerable boards. Kalman Radvanyi working with hundreds of natural wood, which retrieves worldwide.


Inlaid wood and veneer from Kalman Radvanyi




Inlaid wood and veneer from Kalman Radvanyi


Fascination with Gothic architecture in Kalman Radvanyi began in childhood. He was born in 1976 in Budapest in a family of artists. When the boy was 11 years old, the family was forced to emigrate to Austria, the boy was often in his father's workshop woodworking. He often spent his time drawing, he was inspired by the Cathedral, which he attended with his mother. Once he collected the remaining pieces in the studio veneer and lumber and put one picture, like a puzzle. For the first time the idea was born to do inlay. Drawn to its cathedrals look realistic, Kalman Radvanyi studied many books on the history of architecture. For 12 years a talented guy has won several art competitions.


Kalman Radvanyi depicts Gothic cathedrals


Starting work, Kalman Radvanyi initially creates a sketch, and then proceeds to the painstaking selection of materials. Marquetry, inlaid wood veneer or requires special skills, Kalman Radvanyi combines his work old ways of treating wood with modern technology. All tools come up with their own master, so he has no analogues. Inlays on Kalman Radvanyi recognized worldwide, they are in the collection of the Queen of England, decorate government buildings in Hungary and Austria. Recently, a talented artist became complement their work with precious stones and gold. The artist was able to work with Australian opals, rubies Madagascar, African blue diamonds and red sapphires, as well as with purple amethysts from Bolivia. The age of these rocks reaches 240 million years.


Kalman Radvanyi complements their work with precious stones


Today Kalman Radvanyi considered the founder of a special direction in art, his work with nothing to confuse. Business Card Wizard - is the ability to work with the prospect to create the illusion of depth in an image.


Work Kalman Radvanyi adorn government buildings in Hungary and Austria

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