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Andre Kohn realist paintings

Andre Kohn realist paintings

• painter Andre kohn said: "all the time humans have shown a variety of poses and forms, I passed the brush in search of a poetic interpretation."
"My paintings have been pursuing their own unique efforts between the ordinary and the extraordinary finding instant interpretation"

American artist Andre Kohn was born in Russia, received impressionist painting art education at the University of Moscow, has been like: Repin, Serov, Degas, Sargent and Sorolla inspired such artists. 1993 emigrated to the United States, in a very short period of time, let the American media and the audience for his mature and young Russian art figurative painting showing great interest. Cohen still is an outstanding leader impressionist figurative.

• Andre Kohn's work is relatively unique impressionist. Artist showcase his skills and he advocated the details of this series of imaginative play creation. Today, Kohn is a well-known leaders who seek the metaphor of Impressionism, through her or his unique action, demeanor and attitude to the performance of a person's characteristics and personality.

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At The Market.jpg


Carbonnade A La Flamande.jpg


Cold Morning on the Ranch.jpg


Dad's Girl, Sunday At The Zoo.jpg



Andre Kohn The Yellow Purse

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