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Romashko-cornflower poppy morning Oksana Kravchenko

Romashko-cornflower poppy morning Oksana Kravchenko

Oksana Kravchenko was born in 1971. Novouralsk Sverdlovsk region. In 1990. graduated from Ural College of Applied Arts in Nizhny Tagil specialty artist - decorator.
My favorite theme of creativity - floral painting in oil on canvas technique.
Work has been exhibited in galleries in Yekaterinburg, the same are on permanent display in the exhibition salon Moscow and Yekaterinburg.
Artistic credo of the artist - an expression of admiration and love for flowers.



Rue Vanguird




One night windowsill
rain was noisy watered.
The Lord revealed his secret dream book
I chose the sweetest dream.

Sound familiar anxiety,
sob night house was shaking.
My dream was become blue road
through shady village.

Under the soft breasts wheel
creaked deep down:
I was riding on his back with hay
on blue shadows on the cart.

Again, hard, stubborn,
at each turn of sleep
creaked and roll frame
rain breathe window.

And I, in my slumber blue,
did not know that the truth is that the dream:
that fateful night of exile,
of the frame restless moan

or daisy in a warm hay
in most of my lips, here,
and these leafy shade
that flow from the top rings ...

(Vladimir Nabokov 1925)




Knocking blood to the heart lazy
Flies through the darkness of the earth orbits,
A cornflower on white nivah
About the sky speaks to us.
And we timidly opening
Way to tears of joy,
He hides slender body
And cornflower blue eyes.

(Archbishop John Shakhovskoy)

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