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Lovely lady with a dog ...



Lovely lady with a dog ...




Morning Glory

Alberto Vianetti (1841-1927)


Cheer love fever,

Pluck the flowers in the flowerbeds -

Lovely lady with a dog

Walks in the park Dreams.


Chekhovian modest and cute

She goes into the realm of his own.

What attraction,

Victory over the life of dull

Re-lit image of her.


Edmund Blair Leighton (British 1853-1922)

Dream about a wonderful moment,

But to go to Paris no reason:

There are women in our Selenium

Miley Hollywood Madonnas.


Cheer love fever,

Pluck the flowers in the flowerbeds -

Lovely lady with a dog

  Walks in the park Dreams.



Anton Ebert (1845-1896)


Valentin Serov (1865-1911)


John Quincey Adams


It was said that on the waterfront, a new face lady with the dog. Dmitri Dmitrievich Gurov, who has lived in Yalta for two weeks and got used here, too, became interested in new faces. Sitting in the pavilion at Vernet, he saw along the promenade took a young lady of medium height, wearing a beret; ran after her white Pomeranian.


And then he met her in the city park and the park, several times a day.


She was walking alone in the same take, with white spire; no one knew who she was and called her a lady with the dog.


"If she was here without a husband or friends," - Gurov - it would not be amiss to make her acquaintance. "


Who cares, the full version of the story can be read here.



David Emile Joseph de Noter


Alfred Stevens


Tadeusz Styka


Overview №2206 - Petras Lukosius

Overview №2206 - Petras Lukosius


Petras Lukosius (Petras Lukosius) - Lithuanian artist, combining a love for sacred moments of natural grandeur with a passion for admiring streams of light pouring through stained glass.
At least it works look exactly as the synthesis of these two genuine affection. The forest and the water column looks at Lukosiusa laminated glass bends, through which light pours, oozing, flowing, epithets are countless.
Petras Lukosius was born in 1956 in Lithuania. At age 14, he began attending in Klaipeda Children's Art School, then College of arts and crafts Telsiai. In 1979, he graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Participate in national and international exhibitions started since adolescence. To date, his paintings can be found throughout the world, including Germany, England, Spain and Sweden.




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