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Oh, woman ...

Oh, woman, child, accustomed to play
And gaze gentle eyes and caress kiss
I must have you with all my heart despised,
And I love you, excited and longing!

I love and long to you, forgive and love,
Live one of you in my agony passionate,
For your whim, I will destroy the soul,
Everything all take for yourself - look for beautiful eyes,

For the word of deceitful that truth gently,
For the sweet melancholy of enthusiastic torment!
You, the sea of ​​strange dreams, and sounds and lights!
You, my friend and eternal enemy! The evil spirit and good genius!



Plato y cereza 158230 paintings



Woman - with us when we are born,
Woman - with us in our last hour.
Woman - banner when we fight,
The woman - a joy to open eyes.

Our first love and happiness,
At best, an effort - the first hello.
In the battle for the right - fire complicity
Woman - music. Woman - light.




I'll wait for you painfully,
I'll wait a year,
You manish sweet-exclusively,
You promise forever.

You all - silence misfortune,
Stray light in the darkness of the earth,
Neizyasnennost lust,
Still have not known me.

His grin ever-meek,
A person who is always biased prostrate,
His uneven gait
Cruise, but not the best-selling birds,

You budish-dormant sense of mystery,
And I know not eclipse tear
Your somewhere away staring,
Your wrong eye.

I do not know whether you want joy,
Mouth to mouth, cling to me,
But I do not know the supreme sweetness,
How to be alone with you.

I do not know whether you unexpected death
Ile unborn star
But I will wait for you, welcome,
I'll wait for you forever.

Konstantin Balmont poetry

Artist Yuri Yarosh, from Belarus, born in 1969. He currently lives and works in Spain. He is a great master of color. And, without a doubt, an unusual artist, each of the paintings which leaves an indelible mark in the world of art connoisseurs. His works are in private and public collections in Belarus, Russia, Spain, Holland, France and many other countries.

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