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Mary Sprague ... ~ Walk, just walk ... ~

Mary Sprague ... ~ Walk, just walk ... ~

After each flight, the land should hit in the legs,

just to remember that this land ...



Elm Near Quincy, Illinois, 2007. Pen and colored ink, 22 x 30

I do not care that millions of times
Painting the sky repeated.
I'm leaving for the languishing eyes,
To where the lost world map,


Storm Cedars, Tower Grove Park, Saint Louis, 2007 Pen and colored ink, 22 x 30

I'm in You, bottomless world.
In the invisible field under the thin skin
In other substance to another ester,
Where are all so terribly close, so it seems ...


Spirit Rock Hill, California, 2008 Pen and ink, 12 x 16 "Saint Louis Collection
Well this is how many people will rise
at the end of the world as well, my friends?
On the planet at this close
alive and do not understand.


 Gusts Up To Fifty, Morristown, New York, 2007. Pen and ink, 15 x 18

And with me, it will be easier,
I dare assure you:
for re-living space
types do not have.


 Luber's Tree, 2007. Pen and ink, 22 x 30

When I'm gone,
when my little world will sink
wherever channel all worlds -
to hell -
I am a new version
ochnus alive and well
amateur karmic game.


Matsumoto's Blushing Oak, Woodside, California, 2008 Pen and ink, 12 x 16
I will love you so hot
that vspoteyut paradise.
And do not mind my molecules,
I'll give them to the poor.


Oak, Annoyed By Mistletoe, Filoli, California, 2008 Pen and ink 12 x 16 "Duane Reed Gallery.

I know, dear people:
you loved me.
But the other edge of the name -
without cars.


 Deep Shade, Burke Farm, Heuvelton, 2007. Pen and ink, 14 x 18

When I'm gone,
I will be very busy -
I'll go to the next world on foot.
When I'm gone,
you look in the sun
and softly tickle
behind the ear ...
Vladimir Levi


Mary Sprague

Mary Sprague (Mary Sprague)
Honorary Professor of Art and Art History at Meramec Community College in St. Louis ...
After graduating from Stanford University Arts Arts in California moved with her husband and four children in the Midwest.
Lives and works in St. Louis for 45 years. While studying art in the era of abstract expressionism ..
Sprague is able to combine the colors and shapes of several eras, satisfying her own tastes ...
In recent years, it is attracted by the same operation with the clay ...



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