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Gustav Klimt Paintings

How to say it, self-taught anything first is like, like a strong.
I sophomore, on the university because it is three-dimensional animation professional, so began to touch painting, freshman began to learn sketches, miserable, posted map to see,




This should be the best of my two sketches, the school only learn three months, and I am not very interested in the sketch, so, so my sketch has been stuck in the junior high school stage, standing will only play, Even the tone are not on the. The next half of the semester began to learn the watercolor after I know what they like the original, so many years, the original painting is my favorite, but also zero basis




But it will begin to feel like I want to be more colorful, more wild, began to use watercolor painting some heavy strokes.





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copy Pierre Auguste Renoir Dance at the Moulin de la Galette

Update 6.28

After working overtime every night until 10 o 'clock, work your head on your head during the day, and come back at night to continue drawing your head around your neck. This picture dawdle for a month!! Time is wasted because my life is not what I want.


Update 5.31

I was so sad that I got back to work, and I was in a state of frantic overtime, and I tried to draw the figure back after three nights. It's not easy to stand on a table and stick to a bed in a three-square-meter room... But stick to it anyway.


Update 5.7

The stone was made from an oil painting knife.


Update: no. 4.23.

It took three days to finish drawing, the first day was like this


The next day:



Pierre Auguste Renoir Dance at the Moulin de la Galette