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Ivan Alifan about young ladies and tall birches

This is a Russian artist who was born in St. Petersburg and received an art education there, by fate decided to move to Ontario in Canada. Perhaps forever. But the Russian part of his nature was formed, firmly entrenched and now poured into a fertile field - his work.

This is Ivan Alifan. The artist considers art to be the greatest passion in his own life, because it allows the creative person to do the impossible. Which, subsequently, transforms the created in own world of opportunities - as though figuratively it sounded.




Each of his work Ivan uniquely signs - "eyevan" - which, in fact, is true. After all, this is a world reflected through the prism of his vision. Eyes are seen and represented, and each person has an individual perception of beauty. Ivan Alifan is unique and traditional. He loves Russian white-barreled birches and half-naked young girls. Sometimes with good, but more often with outstanding forms. And mostly redheads.

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Ivan dreams with the help of his paintings to change people's views on life - certainly for the better. Well, the presence of such an effect is easy to verify: it is enough to get acquainted with his works scrupulously, then close your eyes and listen attentively to yourself. And then with all my heart, thank the talented master.
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