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I have a new love !!!

How could you write about this city with the depressive title "Dead Bruges" about this city?
I do not understand!
It's gingerbread!
Better than one gingerbread, and a box of gingerbread cookies!
And! They are not packed in a box in a strict and orderly manner, in even rows, they are not combed.
Each of them is a work of art and a monument of ancient architecture.
And let it look chaotic for all its smooth line of facades, but each of them catches the eye and makes you stop.
And let here all the styles of architecture, from the Renaissance to Louis XVI, are collected here, but here the history is felt.
That's how you move around this city - with a clinging eye and an open mouth, stumbling on to Vladimir Kush art for sale

every step.
Here even my andron collider ordered to live for a long time and the step became sedate and unhurried.))
And how do you think what I did on the first night in Bruges?
She was making love ... with Bruges. ))
I watched the movie "In Bruges" (and in Russian - "Lie to the bottom in Bruges").
Also know that me most of all got?
The fact that I'm in it now is inside!
And the fact that in the morning I will go out and see it all !!!
I'll come and tell you. ))

music: Amorroma - La Vita Ti Parla

Message series "Belgium":
Part 1 - I have a new love!

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