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Lessons for beginners Lear.

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 Lessons for beginners Lear.

Lessons for beginners Learu from

Nelya Gerbekova

* For the most novice lyrushnikov.

* First steps for the newest in Lear. How to add an article from the Internet to the diary.

* Ways of inserting pictures into a diary message + video lesson.

* We fix the order in the diary! How to decompose all the messages in the diary!

* .What is an avatar and how to upload it to a diary

* A lesson for the newest! How to upload a picture for a diary background

* How to compress the size of the picture (background) to the required value for loading in the diary.

* .We decorate the diary! How to apply and how to manage schemes

For those who do not know yet! Glitches or innovation? How to return the scheme in the diary?

* How to add a column directly from the editor when quoting a post

* How to create links in the advanced editor of the diary.

* How to create a clickable picture or button-transition in the editor

* How to make a link with the name and link to nick using special codes

* The easiest ways to insert a music player into a message

. Download music from your computer and create a beautiful player.

* We remove under the cut! As in the editor link * Read more * replace the picture

* Diary service. The rules of the game and what is the relationship (sympathy) for LI

* ..How to find the user and answer his simpochku

* ..How to use the application "I PHOTOGRAPHER"

*. We insert the text and picture in the frame with the code (1)

*. How to insert a playlist and picture in a frame (2)

* Addition to the previous post. How to change the size of the player

* How to make a screenshot (screenshot) without using programs.

* How to create a simple, but beautiful frame in the advanced editor

* Fasting on how I create a culinary postcard with a recip Lidy Prati art

e in a draft of the diary

* All codes for registration of a diary in one place

* All options for creating and inserting the player in the message body or in the frame with the code

* Read diaries without interrupting music

A series of messages "For beginners of LIRU.":
Part 1 - How to start a diary? Part 2 - For the most novice lyrushnikov .... Part 35 - We read diaries without interrupting music! Part 36 - Making order in the diary! How to decompose all the messages in the diary on the shelves and other most important recommendations for beginners! Part 37 - Lessons for beginners Lear.

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