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Still lifes with ancient books

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Still lifes with ancient books


Andriaka Sergey Nikolaevich is one of the leadi Jules Lefranc paintings

ng masters of modern watercolor painting. His creative work began with the artist's work with oil paints, gouache, tempera. He was engaged in mosaic, stained glass, etching, porcelain and enamel painting. An equally important role in his artistic development was played by acquaintance with the cultural heritage of Western Europe. But his favorite technique was always watercolor painting.

Creativity of the artist is dedicated to Russia - the unique charm of old Russian cities, the attractive beauty of monuments of Russian architecture, he is close to the world of Russian nature. Here, and temples, and urban landscapes, the Russian province and foreign countries, still lifes, interiors and all your favorite flowers. The work of Sergei Andriyaka reveals the beauty of the world around the viewer. The artist continues the beginnings of his famous predecessors: Bryullov, Savrasov, Levitan, Vrubel. He carefully preserves and creatively, from the standpoint of today, develops in his art the traditions of the masters of the classical multilayer watercolor.

Sergey Nikolaevich Andriyaka is a participant of many Moscow and regional and foreign exhibitions (since 1985 more than two hundred of them have taken place). Creativity of the People's Artist of Russia Sergei Andriyaka is known and loved in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Japan, China and other countries. His works are in the largest museums in the world and private collections.

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