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It's you that fell in love, I fell in love ....

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It's you that fell in love, I fell in love ....

Most importantly, I learned that there is a great love in the world. Such that happens only once in a hundred years. And for one of the millions. And this happened in my life. You fell in love so much, I fell in love. I love you till your last wheeze, all your faults, by God, I adore them. Understand, my dear! I am still a developing country. I'll be near you better, safer for you and for our love.

From Alexey Capler's letter to Julia Drunina

You are near, and everything is fine:
And the rain and the cold wind.
Thank you, my clear,
For what you are in the world.

Thank you for these lips,
Thank you for these hands.
Thank you, my any,
For what you are in the world.
Luis Jimenez art

You are close, but you could have
Not to meet each other at all ..
My only, thank you
For what you are in the world!

Do not meet with the first love,
Let it remain so -
Acute happiness, or acute pain,
Or a song that fell silent behind the river.

Do not drag the past, do not -
Everything will seem different now ...
Let at least the holiest
Unchanged remains in us.

Yulia Drunina. This name is known to every person who at least once touched the verses. She was born on May 10, 1924 and tragically passed away, having committed suicide on November 20, 1991.

There is no unhappy love.
There is no ... Do not be afraid to get
In the epicenter of a super-powerful explosion,
What is the name of hopeless passion ....

Artist Poen de Wijs

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