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Scarlett Madison About the female legs.



On which part of the body do men first of all pay attention?
In all opinion polls, the answer is one: on feet.
As this is explained from the point of view of biology and evolution, it is completely incomprehensible. Well, the breast - to feed the baby.

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Okay, eyes: so that not the last fool was, at least something passed on to the offspring.
About the back part and say nothing, on its size and shape, the act of birth itself depends.
But my legs ... To run faster and catch up with her was more interesting?
For women, because of such a masculine point, too, love of the legs is special.
But only to their own, the men, then, of course, are all curves and hairy.
So today about the beloved part of the body and talk.







All attempts to conduct surveys among men have shown that in the first place a strong half of humanity puts the length of the legs. But are long legs always beautiful? What if they are crooked or thick, or too thin? Perhaps, for slender legs of the same length is not enough, more important is their proportionality and shape.


Let's consider some national features of legs. African women have longer legs, hips are longer, tapering at the top, a small knee, long calves and slender ankles. At the beauties living on the Mediterranean coast the legs are shorter, the foot is small and strongly pronounced muscles. Women of the East - short-legged and ankle is not so elegant.
It turns out that the length of the legs affects the character of the woman. As the learned men have established, a woman with long legs is romantic and dreamy, it is difficult for her to cope with routine, but she has strict principles. A woman with short legs easily solves current affairs, but her mood changes easily, and it turns out to be easy to convince her.


Length is long, but gait plays an important role. It turns out to be socks, ladies go inside, who find it difficult to establish contact with other people. "Flying" gait is enjoyed only by enamored people. Dr. Garre argued that if a man wants to find his soulmate, he should pay attention to how heels are worn at the slipper's beloved. The ideal wife and mother trample the heel evenly. If the heel is tumbled inward, the man will have a long way to establish contact and discover for himself the deep inner peace of his companion, but if a man is looking for a strong, initiative woman, he should look for heels with a worn out outer edge.




Ivan Alifan about young ladies and tall birches

This is a Russian artist who was born in St. Petersburg and received an art education there, by fate decided to move to Ontario in Canada. Perhaps forever. But the Russian part of his nature was formed, firmly entrenched and now poured into a fertile field - his work.

This is Ivan Alifan. The artist considers art to be the greatest passion in his own life, because it allows the creative person to do the impossible. Which, subsequently, transforms the created in own world of opportunities - as though figuratively it sounded.




Each of his work Ivan uniquely signs - "eyevan" - which, in fact, is true. After all, this is a world reflected through the prism of his vision. Eyes are seen and represented, and each person has an individual perception of beauty. Ivan Alifan is unique and traditional. He loves Russian white-barreled birches and half-naked young girls. Sometimes with good, but more often with outstanding forms. And mostly redheads.

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Ivan dreams with the help of his paintings to change people's views on life - certainly for the better. Well, the presence of such an effect is easy to verify: it is enough to get acquainted with his works scrupulously, then close your eyes and listen attentively to yourself. And then with all my heart, thank the talented master.
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Gustav Klimt Paintings

How to say it, self-taught anything first is like, like a strong.
I sophomore, on the university because it is three-dimensional animation professional, so began to touch painting, freshman began to learn sketches, miserable, posted map to see,




This should be the best of my two sketches, the school only learn three months, and I am not very interested in the sketch, so, so my sketch has been stuck in the junior high school stage, standing will only play, Even the tone are not on the. The next half of the semester began to learn the watercolor after I know what they like the original, so many years, the original painting is my favorite, but also zero basis




But it will begin to feel like I want to be more colorful, more wild, began to use watercolor painting some heavy strokes.





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