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Gustav Klimt Paintings

How to say it, self-taught anything first is like, like a strong.
I sophomore, on the university because it is three-dimensional animation professional, so began to touch painting, freshman began to learn sketches, miserable, posted map to see,




This should be the best of my two sketches, the school only learn three months, and I am not very interested in the sketch, so, so my sketch has been stuck in the junior high school stage, standing will only play, Even the tone are not on the. The next half of the semester began to learn the watercolor after I know what they like the original, so many years, the original painting is my favorite, but also zero basis




But it will begin to feel like I want to be more colorful, more wild, began to use watercolor painting some heavy strokes.





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copy Pierre Auguste Renoir Dance at the Moulin de la Galette

Update 6.28

After working overtime every night until 10 o 'clock, work your head on your head during the day, and come back at night to continue drawing your head around your neck. This picture dawdle for a month!! Time is wasted because my life is not what I want.


Update 5.31

I was so sad that I got back to work, and I was in a state of frantic overtime, and I tried to draw the figure back after three nights. It's not easy to stand on a table and stick to a bed in a three-square-meter room... But stick to it anyway.


Update 5.7

The stone was made from an oil painting knife.


Update: no. 4.23.

It took three days to finish drawing, the first day was like this


The next day:



Pierre Auguste Renoir Dance at the Moulin de la Galette


further the paintings

==================== Further appreciation of the division line ========================= ==

Book back to the last time, said the last time that their feelings, whether this painting gives us a beautiful feeling, or because of some of the feelings of the puzzled, will be the most we appreciate a painting Good entry point.

When we are curious to think of a famous oil painting to ask why, the most helpful tool is - the history of Western art.

(Do not go do not go, behind you did not think so boring wow, ¦² (¤Ã ¡ã §¥ ¡ã;) ¤Ã)

Said here believe that many people immediately want to turn around not seen, history? The It sounds so boring, so boring, pay for this stuff seems worthless!

Because of this, please let me give our educators a sacrifice an alpaca table to my deep respect.


Believe me, the history of Western art is not boring, the painters are also a distinctive character of the mortal, no need to back ah back ah back.

If you only enjoy the oil painting, we might as well use the film on the environment there was an impression, no matter true and fictional The following film background is still out of a historical era, which is enough:

Medieval, then people's life probably the following:


 Lord of the Rings 1: Lord of the Rings reproduction (watercress)


 Kyle's Secret (Douban)


Brave heart

Renaissance, probably like this:


 Shakespeare's Love

And so on

Baroque period probably sauce purple:

King of the dance (watercress) (can not find the poster)

And this


 Queen Marco (Douban)

Rococo period is probably like this:


 Tulip Fongfang (Douban)

8 peerless demon (watercress)

Of course, the captain of our Sparrow


 Pirates of the Caribbean (Douban)

And then later is 19xx years to the present, the electricity also has, the camera also has. The The We know more in fact. Do not take the film as an example.

To be honest, if the basic basis of only need to have a good impression on the above timeline.

The rest, just to understand the story that attracted your attention and the story of the painter like, even if the fragments or fragments of the same understanding does not matter, when you are online or in the museum, notice a painter, To see his life, to see the introduction of painting, know where he was born, that era of the environment and technology, for you to understand a painting is very useful.

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There is the impression of the social environment at that time, we can replace themselves into one, the author will no longer be a dry introduction.

Dry Baba's Renaissance or Baroque period so few words, for the beginning of professional learning students feel tired, not to mention ordinary people, their own movie is a very good help.

On the history of art, to write here, not boring it, if you want to go deep into other aspects. The The Please listen to the next decomposition. The The