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Still lifes with ancient books

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Still lifes with ancient books


Andriaka Sergey Nikolaevich is one of the leadi Jules Lefranc paintings

ng masters of modern watercolor painting. His creative work began with the artist's work with oil paints, gouache, tempera. He was engaged in mosaic, stained glass, etching, porcelain and enamel painting. An equally important role in his artistic development was played by acquaintance with the cultural heritage of Western Europe. But his favorite technique was always watercolor painting.

Creativity of the artist is dedicated to Russia - the unique charm of old Russian cities, the attractive beauty of monuments of Russian architecture, he is close to the world of Russian nature. Here, and temples, and urban landscapes, the Russian province and foreign countries, still lifes, interiors and all your favorite flowers. The work of Sergei Andriyaka reveals the beauty of the world around the viewer. The artist continues the beginnings of his famous predecessors: Bryullov, Savrasov, Levitan, Vrubel. He carefully preserves and creatively, from the standpoint of today, develops in his art the traditions of the masters of the classical multilayer watercolor.

Sergey Nikolaevich Andriyaka is a participant of many Moscow and regional and foreign exhibitions (since 1985 more than two hundred of them have taken place). Creativity of the People's Artist of Russia Sergei Andriyaka is known and loved in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Japan, China and other countries. His works are in the largest museums in the world and private collections.


The violin must speak and cry. Dora Schwarzberg

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The violin must speak and cry. Dora Schwarzberg

Dora Schwarzberg is a brilliant violinist, absolutely unique in her manner of playing, living, joking, filling the time with the voice of her soul and violin. She is a concert violinist and professor of music in Vienna.

Dora Schwarzberg Astor Piazzola. Libertango

Tchaikovsky-Sentimental Waltz: Dora Schwarzberg (violin), Nanako Pohl (piano)

Tchaikovsky Piano Trio, op 50 Argerich, Schwarzberg & amp; Zhao

Sibelius- Mazurka Op.81-1: Dora Schwarzberg (violin), Nanako Pohl (piano)

Piazzolla. Oblivion - Dora Schwarzberg, Jorge Andres Bosso, The Cello Concep (r) t

For reference:
Music for Dora Schwarzberg is not a profession, but a way of life and a means of communicating with people. Among them is her teacher in America Isaac Stern, Argentine pianists Martha Argerich, Jorge Bosso and our Valery Afanasyev, skipach Yuri Bashmet and many, many other famous people in the world of music. The repertoire of Dora Schwarzberg is extensive - from baroque sonatas to Argentine tango. Her style of play is more a rebellion, and sometimes a self-immolation prayer. She plays powerfully, imperiously, although this authority does not resist, but go to meet. And she is dressed in something fabulous. Her concert costumes are always incomprehensibly expressive. The brightness of the net, the stream of silk, some kind of flickering rays. This does not interfere with the music - just like the actress who goes with us to Elgar, Brahms, Beethoven, Bach and other musical masterpieces. She was born in 1946 in Tashkent, in a family of musicians, she was engaged in violin from the age of 5, her father was th Martin Beaupré art paintings for sale

e first teacher, graduated from PS Stolyarsky's schools in Odessa, and then the Moscow Conservatory. She left Russia in 1973.
Many of her students are winners of various international competitions and concertmasters of the world's leading orchestras. She also conducts master classes at the international level. Thirteen-year-old child prodigy from Sweden Daniel Lozakovich is one of them

Daniel Lozakovitj - Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille Saint-Saëns.



Lessons for beginners Lear.

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 Lessons for beginners Lear.

Lessons for beginners Learu from

Nelya Gerbekova

* For the most novice lyrushnikov.

* First steps for the newest in Lear. How to add an article from the Internet to the diary.

* Ways of inserting pictures into a diary message + video lesson.

* We fix the order in the diary! How to decompose all the messages in the diary!

* .What is an avatar and how to upload it to a diary

* A lesson for the newest! How to upload a picture for a diary background

* How to compress the size of the picture (background) to the required value for loading in the diary.

* .We decorate the diary! How to apply and how to manage schemes

For those who do not know yet! Glitches or innovation? How to return the scheme in the diary?

* How to add a column directly from the editor when quoting a post

* How to create links in the advanced editor of the diary.

* How to create a clickable picture or button-transition in the editor

* How to make a link with the name and link to nick using special codes

* The easiest ways to insert a music player into a message

. Download music from your computer and create a beautiful player.

* We remove under the cut! As in the editor link * Read more * replace the picture

* Diary service. The rules of the game and what is the relationship (sympathy) for LI

* ..How to find the user and answer his simpochku

* ..How to use the application "I PHOTOGRAPHER"

*. We insert the text and picture in the frame with the code (1)

*. How to insert a playlist and picture in a frame (2)

* Addition to the previous post. How to change the size of the player

* How to make a screenshot (screenshot) without using programs.

* How to create a simple, but beautiful frame in the advanced editor

* Fasting on how I create a culinary postcard with a recip Lidy Prati art

e in a draft of the diary

* All codes for registration of a diary in one place

* All options for creating and inserting the player in the message body or in the frame with the code

* Read diaries without interrupting music

A series of messages "For beginners of LIRU.":
Part 1 - How to start a diary? Part 2 - For the most novice lyrushnikov .... Part 35 - We read diaries without interrupting music! Part 36 - Making order in the diary! How to decompose all the messages in the diary on the shelves and other most important recommendations for beginners! Part 37 - Lessons for beginners Lear.