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Phrases of conductors or how intelligent people cuss

There are only three rehearsals to shame!

Look with one eye at the party, and two at me!

You are so familiar, all this is playing, as if personally with Prokofiev drank!

I will tell you now what notes there are - you will be very surprised.

This is not a symphony orchestra for you, you can not hide in the crowd, you have to play clean!

You have to play as if you drank a little and do not rush anywhere.

Alty, where are you going? And it would be okay if something decent climbed, and then F-sharp!

Guys, these are "cuckoo sounds", and not the approach of enemy aviation!

And if someone played falsely, the main thing is to have time to look with reproach at your neighbor.

Do not drown in your own talent!

Number the measures, and then the eyes can move, but the numbers do not!

At home come and practice so that the whole family you could play it ...

Female choir! Sing along with your brains.

Thi Hassan Massoudy art for sale

s work you had to absorb with the teacher's milk!

Mendelssohn should be played without "Mendelsov".

Take your manicure off the neck!

Stop staring at the neck of the flutist, there are no notes, your party is on the music stand!

It's so necessary to hate each other so to play like this!

Why did not you explain in your childhood how the pipe differs from a pioneer furnace?

Shostakovich was not a boxer, but for such a game he would have risen and filled your face!

If you play the first number again, I'll kill all of you in turn, bury you, sit it out, and then dial a new orchestra!

Are not you afraid to go to the second branch? Say thank you, that intellectuals go to the Conservatory. And then the proletarians would have risen from their seats and stuffed all of you face for such a game!

Do not harp and harass her with a drunken husband!

I know that you all hate me. Now think about how I should treat you?

I do not belong with you in the same music!

The second trombone, I want to wish you to play at your funeral!

Try to blow yourself! I have the impression that you have not yet been explained the direction of airflow in the mouthpiece at the music school!

It was my will, I used this wand so that you have renewed air permeability in the body!

I promise you a job in the underground passage, and personally agree with the cops and bandits so that you will not be touched. But for passers-by I can not vouch.

To you instead of a saxophone - a chainsaw "Friendship" in hands. The sound is the same, but more money!

You have very beautiful, strong hands. Put the instrument and strangle yourself with them, do not mock the music!

Come home, convey my condolences to your wife. How can you sleep with such a non-rhythmical person?

I stop all ceremonies and from today I will start teaching you to love, if not me, at least music!

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Poetry: Rasul Gamzatov

Poetry: Rasul Gamzatov


From the unknown to the famous,
To fight which years are not free,
There are twenty million of us,
Killed, not returned from the war.

No, we have not disappeared in the pitch smoke,
Where the path, as to the top, was not straight.
We also left our wives young,
And the boys got rid of their mothers.

And on Victory Day we descend from the pedestals,
And in the windows the light did not go out,
We are all from the rank and file to the generals
We are invisible among you.

There is a sad day for the war,
And on that day you are drunk with joy.
The bell rang above us,
And the rumble of the wedding is pouring from the height.

We have not forgotten ourselves for centuries,
And every time at the Eternal Flame
You have a duty to consult us,
As if in thought, the goal is Michael Cheval art paintings for sale

sheep's clown.

And may not care leave you
Know the will of those who did not return from the war,
And before rewarding someone
And before the condemnation of guilt.

All that we defended in the trenches
Il returned, rushing into a breakthrough,
To protect and protect you bequeathed,
The only life putting.

As on medals, after us cast,
We all are equal to the Fatherland
There are twenty million of us,
Killed, not returned from the war.

Where in the clouds a rock scar is gaping,
At any hour from the sun to the moon
The bell rang above us.
And the rumble of the wedding is pouring from the height.

And although the military enlistment offices wrote off,
But the enemy will have to take into account,
That the dead soldiers will go to battle, too,
When the living alarm calls.

Be repellent, adov godina.
But we are ready on the front line,
Resurrected, once again perish to one,
So that no one alive will die there.

And you should, worrying about many things,
Before the evil, not stepping back,
On our untainted conscience
Worthy to hold the equal.

Live long, live righteously,
Seeking the whole world to join the congregation,
And neither of the nations blaspheme,
Keeping his own honor at the zenith.

What names are not on the tombstones!
All their tribes were left by their sons.
There are twenty million of us,
Killed, not returned from the war.

Falling stars flicker call alarm,
And the branches of willows are weeping.
The bell rang above us,
And the rumble of the wedding is pouring from the height.

Translated by J.Kozlovsky



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I have a new love !!!

How could you write about this city with the depressive title "Dead Bruges" about this city?
I do not understand!
It's gingerbread!
Better than one gingerbread, and a box of gingerbread cookies!
And! They are not packed in a box in a strict and orderly manner, in even rows, they are not combed.
Each of them is a work of art and a monument of ancient architecture.
And let it look chaotic for all its smooth line of facades, but each of them catches the eye and makes you stop.
And let here all the styles of architecture, from the Renaissance to Louis XVI, are collected here, but here the history is felt.
That's how you move around this city - with a clinging eye and an open mouth, stumbling on to Vladimir Kush art for sale

every step.
Here even my andron collider ordered to live for a long time and the step became sedate and unhurried.))
And how do you think what I did on the first night in Bruges?
She was making love ... with Bruges. ))
I watched the movie "In Bruges" (and in Russian - "Lie to the bottom in Bruges").
Also know that me most of all got?
The fact that I'm in it now is inside!
And the fact that in the morning I will go out and see it all !!!
I'll come and tell you. ))

music: Amorroma - La Vita Ti Parla

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