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Lessons for beginners Lear.

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 Lessons for beginners Lear.

Lessons for beginners Learu from

Nelya Gerbekova

* For the most novice lyrushnikov.

* First steps for the newest in Lear. How to add an article from the Internet to the diary.

* Ways of inserting pictures into a diary message + video lesson.

* We fix the order in the diary! How to decompose all the messages in the diary!

* .What is an avatar and how to upload it to a diary

* A lesson for the newest! How to upload a picture for a diary background

* How to compress the size of the picture (background) to the required value for loading in the diary.

* .We decorate the diary! How to apply and how to manage schemes

For those who do not know yet! Glitches or innovation? How to return the scheme in the diary?

* How to add a column directly from the editor when quoting a post

* How to create links in the advanced editor of the diary.

* How to create a clickable picture or button-transition in the editor

* How to make a link with the name and link to nick using special codes

* The easiest ways to insert a music player into a message

. Download music from your computer and create a beautiful player.

* We remove under the cut! As in the editor link * Read more * replace the picture

* Diary service. The rules of the game and what is the relationship (sympathy) for LI

* ..How to find the user and answer his simpochku

* ..How to use the application "I PHOTOGRAPHER"

*. We insert the text and picture in the frame with the code (1)

*. How to insert a playlist and picture in a frame (2)

* Addition to the previous post. How to change the size of the player

* How to make a screenshot (screenshot) without using programs.

* How to create a simple, but beautiful frame in the advanced editor

* Fasting on how I create a culinary postcard with a recip Lidy Prati art

e in a draft of the diary

* All codes for registration of a diary in one place

* All options for creating and inserting the player in the message body or in the frame with the code

* Read diaries without interrupting music

A series of messages "For beginners of LIRU.":
Part 1 - How to start a diary? Part 2 - For the most novice lyrushnikov .... Part 35 - We read diaries without interrupting music! Part 36 - Making order in the diary! How to decompose all the messages in the diary on the shelves and other most important recommendations for beginners! Part 37 - Lessons for beginners Lear.


French chanson ...

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French chanson ...

French chanson ... Such a bubbling and quivering music, familiar to each of us. She has some special Vladimir Kush paintings

and recognizable timbre and character. Playful melodies are associated with romance, with small streets of French cities, with elegance. Sometimes it even seems, listening to these songs, that in the air there is a subtle smell of French hot croissants or dessert profiteroles ...

Samoilenko Sergey Vasilievich "Evening streets of Paris"

Samoilenko Sergey Vasilievich "Paris streets"

Samoilenko Sergey Vasilevich "Boulevard Madeleine"

Christophe Weaver Paris

Christophe Weaver Paris

Razzhivin Igor Vladimirovich "Night Paris"


William-Adolphe Bouguereau

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William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - a great French artist - was born in La Roc Martin Beaupré paintings for sale

helle (France) in a family of wealthy merchants. He was destined to inherit the business of his family, but thanks to his uncle Eugene (Catholic priest), Bouguereau was able to demonstrate his artistic talent early. The painter went to Bordeaux to study at the School of Fine Arts, where he received the first award for the painting depicting St. Roch. In order to earn money, he drew labels for cans of jam, as well as portraits of parishioners of his uncle's church. Having saved enough money, he went to Paris for further study of painting. To achieve greater authenticity in his paintings, Bouguereau studied historical costumes, archeology, and also took part in anatomical autopsy. William Bouguereau emphasized the study of academic painting, focusing on historical and mythological subjects. The painting "Zenobia Found by the Shepherds on the Araks Shores" brought him a grant to study in Italy in 1850, where he lived for one year studying the masterpieces of the Renaissance, Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquity, as well as classical literature. Works of the painter were exhibited annually at the Paris Salon during his entire life. William was a convinced traditionalist, his mythological subjects with goddesses, nymphs, bathers and shepherdesses received a modern interpretation with an emphasis on the naked female body. For his fruitful creative life, he created more than 822 works. In 1856 Bouguereau married Marie-Nellie Moncblon, they married five children. In the late 1850s, the artist's paintings sold very well, he became famous and influential far beyond France. In 1896, William Bouguereau was married a second time: in 1877, his first wife died. Since the 1860's. Bouguereau was inextricably linked with the Academy of Julian, where he taught for several decades drawing and painting. Many of his students managed to become well-known and respected artists in their countries.