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Charles M. Russell - Master of color

 Exploring the major exhibition of the American painters , held in Brescia in 2007, visitors were offered a wide variety of genres of painting , from the realism of the early nineteenth century and ending with Impressionism.
Alongside renowned painters such as Merritt Chase, and W.Homer J.Sargent also included the so-called painters of the border. It must be said that, technically , they had nothing to envy to others, especially the use of color .
Hard not to be dazzled by the paintings of CMRussell , painter known to me previously , but I had never seriously considered .
But his works in the exhibition, stood for strength and intensity compared to all the others.
It 's really impressive to see that a cowboy who lived most of his life in the west and for a period even with the Indians , having never studied painting, he was able to paint at a level high enough to stand out in a show of artists of the nineteenth century to the first level.
Yet Charles Russell, a person endowed with great intelligence , spirit of observation and sensitivity only succeeded in this endeavor.
Reading his biography it turns out that he was born in a small American town , flee home very young to go live in the West, as a guardian of flocks. After a brief period in which carried out this type of work, he was fired and was no money and no support from anyone.


 He then walked into the woods to try to reach an even more remote location of the border, but was lost .
A bear hunter met him by chance while Russell was beginning to suffer from hunger and took it with him as a helper . From that moment on, Charles Russell became a trapper and learned from him that he had saved all the techniques of hunting and survival in the woods.
During his lifetime he went back to the cowboy and then espouse the cause of the Indians, with whom he had always had good relations - was one of the few whites to be accepted by a tribe ( Blackfeet ) and lived for a time with them. Lover of the great outdoors , whiskey and friend of both white and Indian , Russell began painting seriously only after marrying . Given the talent he had shown in painting and drawing during the years of his youth took the opportunity to make this a job ( the job of the cowboy in fact, did not seem to be able to provide security and peace of mind to the family that he intended to build ) .
Coming in contact with other contemporary painters , he learned what helped him to start producing high-level executives , all of them set in the American West .
Even now, his works represent a unique glimpse of a world that has disappeared , sliced ​​away from conquest and urbanization .


 Only through his paintings you can have a true and realistic picture of the bison roam free in the infinite spaces of the prairie, the Indians who follow the traces between the hills, the fights between cowboys , sunsets among the desert hills , etc. .
An artist of the first order in short, that , those who had the opportunity to travel to the United States , it should not fail to see in the galleries that house the gender of the border.
As often happens with great artists , who lives Edvard Munch The Scream intensely leaves a strong mark of their passage and , in the case of Russell, are the same colors of his paintings to speak and express how wonderful the experience of life it has touched . A rare insight into one of the few people who had the courage to live their lives.


P.S. it is very difficult to find good reproductions of paintings by Russell Salvador Dali The Persistence of Memory. However, there is a good book for sale on amazon , in collaboration with the Charles Russell Museum

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Michelangelo sky paintings

7-1.jpgReturn to Perugia training, Li Na no longer rent the room to live, but to live in the top floor of the outer edge of a small city apartment residence is located on sloping hill , from the terrace overlooking the excellent vision , undulating mountains, red tile-roofed house homes , flame -shaped cypress trees, olive groves ...... scattered woven into delightful wilderness scenery . Apartment has a big balcony , whenever the sun, beautiful golden sunlight through the glass doors have a room full of diarrhea , that golden with orange, and I have been in common to the different sunset light , it seems that much more rich .

      Previously seen in the tourist books say Florence sunshine, that unique sense of light is to attract many painters and photographers factors , then do not understand , and now finally understood why.

      Italy is not the eternal clear blue sky without clouds, but the clouds that sometimes I ever quite common to different evening at sunset, clouds often produce strange an amazing picture, sometimes red and gold sunset inlaid stained light on the dark gray clouds , sometimes rendered in light and thin clouds chip , the effect is completely different , the screen changes and fast, but a little while , for painting several times already . Every time I see the sunset picture , I feel as if there was a mysterious invisible artist in constant creation. Finally one day at dusk, seeing Michelangelo sky, and the breathtaking style , like his work.

      The most memorable evening sky , it is the day I want to test grammar oral dusk , a time when the winter , more than four points already dusk. That day my interview time was five o'clock in the afternoon did not test, so stay home study . A rise out of the sky from east to west, a fiery red , like God with a large brush dipped in full the orange pigment , very generous cross Maguo sky , strokes simple but imposing, kind of like sky fire days , any connection with the previous seen in Taiwan typhoon day fire days are different, the typhoon day just a red fire days , but no stroke .

      Later plane back to Hong Kong to Singapore , but also the morning , but suddenly felt the color of the sky "short " a lot, not a deep azure blue , but blue, red sun is not enough rich . Why ? I looked out the window plane , suddenly understood , yeah ! Far East of the sun and the Mediterranean sun is not the same , what seems to have faded tan , so the color is more like watercolor , rather than painting it.

i also like Sally Swatland Paintings such as this paintings: Sally Swatland Best Friends


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Painting Impressionism


Impressionism is a style of painting that the 1860 spread around the world from France. The impressionist painting were with their stylistic and thematic innovations of the pioneers of modern and abstract art.

Characteristic of the impressionist painting is the use of bright and colorful colors of plein air painting, as well as coarse and short brush strokes that blur from a distance and thus include the viewer's imagination with.

All the famous French Impressionists such as Van Gogh paintings, Monet, Cezanne, Pissarro, Renoir, Degas was by Japanese Woodblock Prints (Japonisme), strongly influenced in their form and color theory and artists are among the most mi reproductions. In Germany emerged as impressionist painters from all artists such as Max Liebermann, Lovis Corinth and Max Slevogt.

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